Tax Planning


Our tax planning services enable you to get the most out of tax-law provisions, maximize available tax breaks, and accelerate/increase tax deductions and tax credits.

Unless you’re a tax expert, income tax planning will always be a daunting task. Most people don’t have an understanding of the process and the options available to them.

Our tax consultants offer assistance with income tax planning and international tax planning.

International Tax Planning

International tax planning is a complicated process that people settled abroad have to go through. There are many rules and regulations that need to be followed, and domestic and international requirements must be met.

How do I get the best taxation rate?
If I’m living in a country temporarily as a tax resident, is my foreign income tax-free?
How do I register in a foreign country as a tax resident?

These are all the questions we can help you answer.

Here are some tips we suggest for dealing with international tax planning:

  • Find out what can be classed as tax-free
  • Understand tax obligations to your home country
  • Understand relevant tax laws/treaties between your home country and the one you’re living in
  • Find out what documentation is needed
  • Don’t put it off to the last minute

Our tax planning services can help you get on top of your taxes and maximize your finances. We devise effective international tax planning strategies that benefit you in the long-run.

Tax planning is always complex, but it gets harder when you’re living abroad. Our team specializes in international tax planning and gives you a better understanding of tax laws and variables you need to consider.

We give all clients our undivided attention and devise custom tax planning strategies that meet their needs.

If you’re looking for experienced tax consultants in Santiago, MN, get in touch with SJG Financial Services today.